2018 was a very testing time to sell. Rightmove (other portals are available  on the market) published stats showing the average length of time for properties on the market was over 200 days. That's as high as I can remember in 30+ years.

We had a few things happen at once in 2016. A referendum, a #Brexit Vote, endless negative media of doom and gloom, of talking our Country down. We have had an election. Elections always make the housing market quiet. We had talk of cliff edges and a barrage of worst-case scenarios for our economy. What a lot of people missed was the disappearance of the investor buyers since the Government introduced an extra 3% stamp duty charge for investors. As well, don't forget the Governor of the Bank of England, predicting a house market crash of 30%. 'Poppycock'. When he predicted this, already in this little corner of South East London, prices were down circa 15% (more/less in some Boroughs). In 2016 the house market in London was over inflated. A bubble, which would inevitably burst at some point.

brexit housing

And now? Since Christmas, we have SOLD, just about EVERYTHING. This is not an exaggeration.

Over the years I have learnt that when there is economic woe, people shelve plans, postpone big commitments. But they only do this for so long. If you need to buy a bigger house for your growing family, then you can't put it off forever. Or, if you are in rented accommodation and you really want to buy, then every month you delay you are just helping to pay someone else's mortgage off, so at some point, you just need to jump into the market. You take out a mortgage over 25/30 years, so the sooner you start paying it off, the better. It seems to me that we have reached that point in 2019. We have SOLD nearly EVERYTHING.

Are you WAITING? If you have been thinking of selling and maybe you have been waiting for something? Perhaps you have been waiting for #Brexit to get out of the way. I will tell you, today, now, this moment, is a GOOD TIME TO SELL. Some of the SALES that we have agreed have RESERVE buyers. We now have potential buyers registered, who have been looking for over a year, they have viewed 20/30 properties and they are now ready to buy. When I talk to these applicants, they have seen enough property and they will buy the right property, when I offer it to them. But I am almost out of stock to sell. In all seriousness, If you was thinking of selling at some point this year, then NOW, could be a wonderful opportunity.

I am available to discuss the plans of property, movers and shakers via email/phone or social media, it will be great to hear from you.

Mark Beaumont
020 8852 5000