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Over the last half-a-decade, Lewisham has changed exponentially. Whether it's the ‘Lewishham Gateway’, a new multicoloured sports centre or the swift erection of new tower blocks, the area has become unrecognisable.  With all this redevelopment has come a dearth of good eating and drinking spots. While quality restaurants have been slow(ish) to move into the area, the gang behind Street Feast opened a night market in the old Model Market, providing the area with an injection of east London cool. Ladywell is coming into its villagey own, too, as more and more families move into the plethora of Victorian housing that characterises this area and enjoy the handful of shops and cafés on offer, as well as the ample green spaces of Ladywell Fields and Hilly Fields. Then you have nearby Brockley (practically south London's answer to Stoke Newington) and the village-y feel of Greenwich. As for Lewisham itself, it looks like things are only on the up.

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